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Too often, companies like yours pay small business health insurance premiums that disregard their employees’ health and fitness. With the Self-Funded Program through Allstate Benefits, you pay a price that better reflects your workforce’s state of health.

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How your payments are split

Allstate Benefits shows where (and how) your predictable monthly payment2 is used. And in any year when claims are low, your group could be among the 60%3 of those refunded1 a portion of the difference at the end of the plan year.

  1. Claims fund – Your contribution to the claims account is determined upfront and is guaranteed not to increase for a full year as long as there are no changes to your group’s benefits or enrollment.

  2. Stop-loss insurance – If your group’s claims are higher than expected, stop-loss insurance protects your business’s assets.

  3. Administration – All day-to-day administration of your self-funded plan – including claims processing and customer service – is taken care of for you, so you’re free to focus on your business.

Pick your level of coverage

Our Self-Funded Program provides flexible health coverage and contract options for small- and mid-sized companies. We can find a plan that suits your needs, whether you need coverage for 2 or 500 employees.

Disclaimers and notes

  1. Refund is subject to any applicable Terminal Liability Coverage fee. Refund offered with level-funded plans only.
  2. Employers with 51 or more group members can choose to pay claims as they are incurred, instead of making payments into a claims account.
  3. Based on the percentage of groups that received a refund for plan years 2017 through 2019.

Options at a glance

Core Value

A reference-based pricing plan with real savings.

Self-Funded Network-only

Coverage for in-network services only, resulting in savings.

Self-Funded PPO

Coverage for both in- and out-of-network services, but everyone saves with in-network care

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This coverage is available through an employer benefits program.


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small business health plans

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*Estimated costs referenced herein mean the premium equivalent/total monthly bill, or portion thereof, as the case may be. Premium equivalent/total monthly bill is comprised of stop-loss insurance premium, administrative expenses and the plan's claims account. The quote shown is based on one of the lowest cost product designs available in your market and is calculated using the following assumptions: 1.) all primary employees are male; 2.) the age of primary employees is 30; 3.) group size is 10; 4.) the plan design consists of a $5,000 individual deductible/80% coinsurance plan. The rates shown are an approximation; final rates will be updated and are subject to additional changes based on the final plan design, actual census, SIC code, and underwriting, and there is the possibility that your group will be declined.

The Self-Funded Program through Allstate Benefits provides tools for employers owning small to mid-sized businesses to establish a self-funded health benefit plan for their employees. The benefit plan is established by the employer and is not an insurance product. Allstate Benefits is a marketing name for: Integon National Insurance Company in CT, NY and VT; Integon Indemnity Corporation in FL; and National Health Insurance Company in CO, WA and all other states where offered. For employers in the Allstate Benefits Self-Funded Program, stop loss insurance is underwritten by these insurance companies in the noted states. National Health Insurance Company, Integon National Insurance Company, and Integon Indemnity Corporation are rated “A+” (Superior) by A.M. Best.

Find out how low your payments could be.

"What's the most my business could be liable for?"

This can vary from business to business, but what matters is that you can budget with confidence. Your monthly payments are fixed and capped as long as your enrollment and benefits do not change – shielding your business if you need to cover a large bill.

Your top 3 questions answered

Time and again, business owners ask us these same three questions.

"What does self-funded actually mean?"

Put simply, it means a portion of your monthly payment goes into an account to ‘self-fund’ employees’ claims. You may get a portion of this money refunded in any year when claims are low1.

"What kind of doctor and hospital network is available?"

Because we offer many plan designs nationwide, we work with multiple nationwide and local networks to ensure you have an option suitable in your area – whether you want to maximize choice, minimize price, or meet somewhere in the middle. Reference-based pricing plans without a network are also available, talk to a representative today to learn more.